About Us

It gives us immense pleasure in introducing ourselves to you as one of the leading manufacturers of refrigeration appliances in India.
We are in the field of freezer manufacturing for the last 35 years and our organization has 40 years experience in this field. Our list of satisfied customers includes We are the first to introduce eutectic deep freezer in India.
We have capacity to manufacture 5000 to 6000 freezer per annum at our plant.We have a 13,000 sq ft factory area with most modern refrigeration equipments like High pressure foam dispensing machine,Automatic vaccume and charging machine imported from Denmark etc. Our brand name is “Walkes” and our freezers are well known for low energy consumption, trouble free operation for years, and especially for very long ice cream retention ( holding) period in the event of electricity failure. We make freezers with skin text-align:center;condenser and eliminate use of fan motor. This results in lower power consumption, noiseless quiet operation and maintenance free operation. We have developed some retail freezer cabinets which consume electrical power of less than 2 units per day and don’t need any servicing for lifetime.


Eutectic freezers are specially designed and developed for places where power shutdown/loadshedding is for longer duration(upto 12 hours continuously.These freezers have an inbuilt jacket which holds eutectic solution.The eutectic solution has a property to hold the temperature for longer duration which results in longer temperature holding time of the freezers of upto 10-12 hours during power failure and you can sell ice cream during this period too.


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